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Additional Qualification Program Course Registration System

The Faculty of Education offers professional development for teachers and non-teachers interested in furthering their education in the area of teaching and learning. Additional Qualification Courses, Additional Basic Qualification Courses and Honour Specialist Qualification courses are university degree credit courses with a weight of 1.0 FCE, and all courses are fully accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers. These courses are designed for those students who wish to continue their professional development as classroom teachers.


To be recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers for Additional Qualification (AQ) and Additional Basic (ABQ) Qualification courses, students must have:
(a) a certificate or letter of standing qualifying the applicant to teach in an elementary or secondary school in the province of Ontario; or
(b) professional standing deemed equivalent to the foregoing.

Students who do not possess teaching qualifications may also take these courses.


Part II courses require successful completion of Part I and one year of teaching experience verified by the signature of a supervisory officer. Specialist (i.e., Part III) courses require successful completion of Part II and two years of teaching experience with one of the years in the area of specialization verified by the signature of a supervisory officer.

College of Teachers Regulations
All courses may lead to Ontario College of Teachers Additional Qualifications, provided prerequisites, in effect at time of registration, are taken into consideration. It is the candidates' responsibility to acquaint themselves with Ontario Regulation 176/10, or subsequent documents, for further details and clarification regarding this matter.

Honour Specialist Prerequisites
All Honour Specialist courses have the following prerequisites:
i. 20 full course equivalents - 9 FCEs in major area with a B average.
ii. Two years of teaching, with one year in the area of specialization.
iii. Signature of supervisory officer.

Course Loads
Students are permitted to take five (5) Additional Qualification/Additional Basic Qualification courses with Lakehead University during the combined Fall/Winter period, and up to two (2) courses during the Spring/Summer period. Students wishing to take more than this can apply for permission for a course overload and should contact our office for details.

Technology Requirements
Online courses are delivered over the Internet through your web browser. Information about accessing your course(s) will be distributed through your Lakehead University e-mail account. Netscape & Internet Explorer are not supported by myServices. Please test your browser and view our online learning environment at .

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